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iso-äiti comes to town (iso-äiti is grandma in Finnish)

When my mom came up like two weeks ago, we had such a fun time. She nursed me & the Codeman back to health... She brought us goodies... She brought food for the Mokahum Ministry Center students and staff since I was supposed to cook and had NO energy or desire to share my germs! It was quite the treat!

We also went shopping and gazing at the BARN CHICS Christmas Boutique Sale. It was fabulous! You should have seen her cruising around the cute setup, jotting down idea after idea :) I got three adorable glass birds that clip on to the tree. I'll share them as I get them into a real decoration... Maybe after Thanksgiving?

Here's a picture of our little poika and his iso-äiti Bebe.

Hunting | 2012 : Ducks {2 men, 2 dogs, 1 canoe}

Tim and Mike went duck hunting this weekend.

Friday afternoon: Mike went out on our lake and scared up hundreds of ducks... then came home empty handed.

Saturday morning: Mike and Tim hunted Cass Lake. Not much

Saturday evening: Mike and Tim hunted our Ose Lake. Not much

Sunday morning: Mike and Tim hunted Ose again. They came up with several Bluebills and Buffleheads.

Maggie and Belle both retrieved pretty well each hunt too.

We ate Buffleheads cooked in Cream of Mushroom soup with White Rice and they were pretty delicious. Cody ate 3 breasts! WOW that kid loves duck!

Cody brushing his teeth


Thanking God because I can VOTE TOMORROW

Please Vote!

Today, I am thankful for our nation. I am so glad to live in a country where I am free to live a Christian life. I am free to be a wife to a man I love and he loves me. I am able to raise children how I want them to be raised, in the name of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.

I am thankful that I can talk openly with my friends and family about our life values. I am grateful to be in ministry with many others in an organization which is  building up believers to be disciples for Christ. I am SO thankful that I live in the states, and can vote tomorrow.

Spinach Garlic Cheese Rolls

Cody and I made Spinach Garlic Cheese Rolls, and we've received a few requests for the recipe. So, I'll share it!  My inspiration came from this photo I saw floating around pinterest, but couldn't find an attached link (Pinterest could not fetch pin).  I was drawn to the Pioneer Woman's Garlic Cheese Bread topping :YUMMMMMMY PICTURES  and re-vamped to my little needs.
Then, I found a Spinach Pizza Dough Recipe at Dollar Friendly Meals website! And Doubled it. Because I'm lazy, and don't like doing stuff like this that takes almost an hour if I can't eat it a whole bunch of times afterwards. Reap the Benefits, People! FREEZE MEALS!

Tim, Cody and I all three LOVE these rolls. My friend Sarah just made them, and used the dough for Pizza, so we'll have to find out how that turned out!

Amy's Spinach Garlic Cheese Rolls Recipe: 
6 Cups white flour - I used unbleached
4 1/2 tsp active dry yeast (equivalent to two packets)
1/2 cup warm water
2 tsp salt…

Waterfowl Hunting 2012 | Geese

Tim brought Maggie to work with him yesterday and today. He has coyote hunted a couple times, and not seen much, but he hunted geese yesterday and brought home two big Canada Geese!

Snow Snow Snow!

Tim's dad, Bob, came up to stay with us last weekend. It was a really great time with such a funny old man ;) Hi, Bob!!

He told his corny jokes, he played with Cody, and he and Tim spent some great time together in the garage. You know, good ol' father-son building a plow time. 

They worked on finishing up the plow that Bob had welded for Tim. So, they painted it and got it all set up with the treated plywood as the plow blade.

 They painted that part black