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Jesus has given us life, and He gives it to us in GREAT ABUNDANCE. | GOSPEL

At the moment of spiritual birth, God accomplishes an amazing array of works in and for the believer. In addition to being forgiven of sin and given the righteousness of Christ Himself, we receive the Holy Spirit who comes to live within us. Jesus promised that He would “give life and give it in great abundance” (John 10:10). Peter exclaimed that through God’s precious promises, we have “become partakers in the divine nature” (2 Peter 1:4). At that moment the Spirit of the living God begins to transform us from the inside out.
As I was reading through the student handbook for Oak Hills Christian College, the sister-school of Mokahum Ministry Center, I thought these words were just too good not to share. This is the GOOD NEWS people!

Have a blessed day.

Summer 2016 Missions Update: Native American Ministry in Cass Lake, MN. | Center for Indian Ministries

Hello to our dear support team! May you be blessed by this coming of autumn weather, back-to-school excitement, and the chilly nights ahead. 
PRAISE HIM We praise God for giving us a lovely summer! Thank you for being with us in prayer for some big milestones! 
PRAYER POINTS Keep praying for Amy's autoimmune healing. She is now fully on the Autoimmune Protocol which includes an elimination diet, among other facets. This is very difficult to manage while feeding the troops all the normal things, and having much more to take care of now! 
Pray for the kids as we venture into a first year of homeschooling Kindergarten for Cody, who just turned 5! Jesse is nearing the big 3, pray intentionally for us and him as we parent this special boy. Anna, a fast-climbing one-year-old is a joy, and we also ask for God's guidance in our raising her. Tim and Amy are both excited to  welcome the new students to Mokahum Ministry Center, who begin orientation and then school after Labor Day. Please C…