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☁ Book Basket ☂ | Authors

I want to start a new ditty on my blog. It's going to be called the ☁ Book Basket ☂. I want to use these posts to write about books and authors that I'm into. A lot of times, I would go to the library with the little girls (UGH--I MISS THEM SO MUCH) and we'd spend forever just perusing the shelves. However, because Cody is so terribly hard to keep track of and keep off the book racks mobile now, it is difficult to stay quietly in the library for much time. Because that was already the truth some days with Fin & Sel, I started writing down lists of authors and some series or books they write that I would keep in my car for the trips to the library. 
This list is helpful to me for a few reasons:  1. I only write down authors that I'm familiar with. No getting home and wondering WHAT was that!? after I read a book (or just set it right back down after the first couple pages or illustrations). 2. I have a terrible memory, so cataloging a name in my mind is hard enough…

In Milaca

Sleeping in his high chair

Cody Alton fell asleep eating a graham cracker the other morning. CUTE.

Morning Fog

walking down lemon lane

Our family went on a walk the other day. It's official, the feeling of Fall is here, and it is gorgeous already! I am nearly obsessed with this time of year, wearing layers, being cold enough to need slippers and a blanket, and cozying up on the couch with my coffee in the morning. Aaaaah. It's splendid. I wore my vest and a scarf today :)
I ♥ Fall

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It's a Girl! Documentary Film

This looks like an excellently informative | while terribly heart-wrenching and chilling | movie.
find out more at

Cody's First Year in Pictures, Month-by-Month

I am HE who will sustain you

A gal  posted this scripture on her facebook wall today, and when I saw it, I thought, "this seems to fit perfectly among the hard times that so many of our loved ones are going through." This is just meant to be a little piece of encouragement to your day today.

This is the day that our Lord has Made. Let us REJOICE and be glad.


The Tedfords Were Here