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I just entered Maggie in a Picture of a Pet contest at our local grocery store, Lueken's Village Foods, in Bemidji. They asked for a close up picture of your pet. Customers are voting as they see the pictures posted on the wall near the shopping carts as you go in. I thought it would be fun to see if anybody felt like voting for chose Maggie as the best dog in the world! :) The winning pet gets to be professionally photographed and put on the sale flyers in the Pet Aisle.

There's the picture I shared with Luekens for Mags.

The Krauels have moved!

This title translates to: I HAVE A BFF WHO IS ONLY 3 HOURS AWAY!!

THAT translates to: I am so excited to have this sweet family closer to our family. :)

Mike and Sarah have moved to the St. Cloud area from New Ulm. There are a lot of tough parts about transitioning your family with a move, and Sarah is one of the best gals to talk to about it! She's had to make a few more moves than would be desireable in the first few years of marriage. Now, she's accomplished again another move, and with a Toddler and a Newborn! Way to Go Mama Sarah!

Because I have been so anxious to meet precious baby Hannah, I drove down (conveniently for myself, not them) to St. Cloud the DAY they were moving in. I wasn't much help. Ben only cried when I tried to "help" him with things and Cody was only in the way, climbing on everything instead of staying out of the way... But it was still a great time. I got to be there while their family started the settling in process, and my favorite pa…

Upcoming Events with the Beltrami Humane Society !

Rummage Sale - Saturday, September 8 at the Sanford Center The Beltrami Humane Society will be at the Sanford Center Rummage Sale on Saturday, September 8th. All proceeds from the sale of items at the Rummage Sale go to the shelter to support abandoned, neglected, and abused animals. If you have items that you would like to donate to be sold at the Rummage Sale, they can be dropped off at the shelter on August 24 and 25 during our regular business hours.
Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic - Sept. 8 and 9 from 7:30 am to 4 pm Do you have any pets that are not spayed/neutered? Would you like to get them altered but can't afford it? Please register for this spay/neuter clinic held by Kindest Cut. Where: The Beltrami Humane Society, Bemidji How to Register: Go to or call 763-489-SPAY(7729) Who: For low-income residents of Bemidji and surrounding areas Questions?: Call the Beltrami Humane Society at 218-751-7910

Beautiful July Fishing. Date Night Out!

My mom came to stay a couple nights with us in July. While she was here, she said, "plan a date night!" So we did! She stayed with Cody and put him to bed while Tim and  I got to go out on the lake together. It was so sweet. While we could have picked a little restaurant or DQ, we knew those are things we can do WITH Cody. We really just wanted to spend some time alone together, and enjoy the gifts we have right out our back door!
OSE LAKE: A "pothole" connected to the Mississippi River through Reeds and Wild Rice.

Tim had been out just one time prior, and this was my first time out on the lake and first time in that boat. I ran the Trolling motor and took pictures (duh). It was just a great night out together! We didn't have to worry about Cody or Maggie, and when we got back in, our kitchen had been scrubbed clean! What a Treat!!! {THANKS MOM!}

He's ONE!

I have more to update on Cody's First Birthday, but for now, here are a couple pictures from August 7th. The day my baby became a tot. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Swedin (Tim's mom's side) Annual Family Vacation

We camped Thursday until Sunday at Itasca State Park, about 45 mins SW of our house. It is a pretty state park, with two different campgrounds within it. We camped in the Pine Ridge Campground. It was nice, although a little busy... but that's what made it fun, and brought back so many memories for Tim's family. Tim, Jon, Kevin, and Becky were all remembering different (funny now) stories from their years ago summer weeks spent there.

We all had bikes, and we had borrowed a bike trailer for Cody (THANKS John & Melissa!). It made our trek to the Mississippi River Headwaters a nice jaunt {except for Will, he had a rough time with the ride, but he's nine}.

We reminisced as the whole gang took the Wilderness Drive bike challenge. WHAT FUN! I think it was like 16 something miles, and just a beautiful bike ride. It was all paved, so that made it really doable for those of us {ME} who haven't ridden a bike in too long... It's been since my Junior year at Colo…