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For Seriously?

I KNOW... it has been extremely too long since I have last been here. No, I've looked, and thought, "I just don't have time right now to add anything new." Although I wanted to post a blog sooner, I just assumed it would have been lacking. Weak Sauce. Insufficient. Therefore, achieving nothing new on the blog. Okay, well, here I go.

What've we been doing, and how are we spending our days?

One Way: I have been very busy with my new photography business, (Check it out) Amy Kate Photography... I've been doing family photo shoots, kids, couples... It has been so much fun! I love the experience I am gaining, the shots I can put in my portfolio, and most importantly business-wise, the network I'm building up. I am so thankful for the blessings I have thrown at me every day in regards to photography. THANK GOD for those. He has been faithful in providing for Tim and I in everyway we could imagine. Tim has the encouragement part of things down to a T. He is a really great husband, and I love how he lets me do what I love. It has been fun, but pretty time consuming. It takes me between one and two hours for a family photo session... So, that's not too long, but I have been spending quite a bit of time looking at them on the computer, editing some, and getting them on CD to mail to my clients. I'm grateful for fast and efficient technology!

Another Way: Tim played Monopoly with me for a stay at home date night. It was so sweet of him. The poor guy didn't know how to play, and I just gave the refresher version of the rules... He understood the rules, but I neglected--completely on accident--to explain that properties gain value the farther around the board (towards Park Place) that you go. He didn't know that, and I totally crushed him in the end. BUT we had a rematch last week, with Jordan, Joy, Mom and the two of us, and He smoked everyone. He won with over 155 MILLION dollars (in the Here and Now version) just in cash. And, he pretty much owned everything, and still had his properties covered with hotels. It was fun! So, we probably won't hit up the Monopoly Box anytime soon, because we've played for way too many hours in the last week and a half. But I did love it. Immensely.

Another Way: MOM CAME OUT! She actually is still here, as she goes home tomorrow! She'll have stayed a week, part at our place and part and JJ Express' home (Jordan and Joy). It was fun to go up to Jon's house for Thanksgiving, where we saw sister Becky! Tasting the Stuffing, Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, Salad with Feta and Almonds (YUM), and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy wasn't enough, I filled my belly with delicious French Silk Pie (Thank You Jerri) and some Good Punch--thanks Momma!  It was a day filled with Pass the Pigs, and Eating, and Dominoes, and Dominoes, and Dominoes, then eating again, and then Dominoes!  WOW. We love Mexican Train.

If you are interested in learning a new (to all of us) rule for mexican train, read this: When you place your train (or penny) up, indicating that your train is now community for the turn, you must say "Chu-Chu!" Hahaha. We got a kick out of that one... It made the game pretty funny! And yes, we did play all the rounds from Double Twelve down to the double zeros! We rock.

Anyway, that's been a small portion of what I've been doing. More to come for the month of November. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


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