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Winter 2012-2013

Okay, So remember when I never added any great amounts of photos from New Years, Christmastime, OR Thanksgiving? Yeah. That was me. I haven't done anything productive with this in a long time, and I regret that. It's not that I have a need to blog, I know I'm not doing this for myself to gain blogger points or anything. It is just that I LOVE keeping you, my friends and my family in the loop. I LOVE pictures, and this seems like the best of both worlds to do that with. I regret that I am so far behind because I've got this compulsive disorder where I don't like to just jump right in without catching up.

I'm going against all that is inside my little journaling heart, and just starting right here. With today, like I have been keeping up with this blog on a regular basis.

Today: It is beautiful, white, snowy, 30-some degrees, and lovely. I think my legs fell off when I was playing outside and taking Cody around the yard. They're probably going to be found in the spring thaw. I seriously couldn't feel them when I cam in they were so tired. The snow is like hip-deep. Talk about a workout. HIP>DEEP!
Tim went to the Doctor today for his mystery 4+ week arm and torso rash that is only getting worse!!! Her thoughts are poison ivy, skin-irritant, or stress. Ugh, not super helpful. But, she gave him a prednazone creme and nighttime anti-histamine. If it doesn't relieve pain and get better by Thursday, he has to go back. IT IS AWFUL. Pray for him :(

We live in our house! We had Chris & Jerri, Carl & Diane, and Mike & Suzy up here the 22nd and 23rd, and they helped us move moved us into our new place! Jerri, sweet Jerri, actually said these words: "I thrive on packing and moving!"   And let me tell you: She does! She is a moving ROCK STAR. Chris, Carl & Mike brought the whole garage over. You should have seen Mike, the Jimmy-Rigging-King load up the back of his pick up and his flat snowmobile trailer. It was AMAZING!!! We were like the Bemidji Hillibillies. There was literally a wooden chair tied on to the top and front of the trailer!

I (with Cody) flew to Colorado for a week with my family. I stayed at Jordan & Joy's, with Mom & Ken, and Alicia too! We got to see Jon for a fun Lord of the Rings RISK night **SO necessary!** and they took me to Hacienda Colorado! Yummy Mexican. We all went Snowshoeing near Jones Pass through the Butler's Gulch Trail. It snowed at least 4 inches WHILE we were out. It was so intense and beautiful. I carried Cody in a friend's Deuter Backpack for a while, and then made Jordy take a turn, too. It was a great time to see so many friends, and a pop-in visit to Southern Gables 3 Strands friends. Gosh, that felt like home!!

While I was in CO, Tim turned 28, so his dad came up to help him install our wood floors. He put in a LOVELY Rustic Oak 3-1/4inch unfinished. It is SO pretty right now, and we haven't even finished them yet. We haven't decided for sure on a stain or just the natural oil sealer thing. Both are gorgeous on the mixed-tone floors. Suzy also came up for a few days to help Tim de-stress, and bake him chocolate on chocolate cake. He had a good time staying up late and chatting, and getting lots of cleaning done together ! The house was a whole new place when I came home.

Now, we're getting ready for painting our bedroom ::  Sherwin Williams color Anonymous. It is a dark grey-green that will look fabulous with the Alabaster White Trim & Doors. YAY!!!

BEST Time with the Dolan Girls!!!
Jon (head peeking out) and Josh, working on the Living Room

Awesome floors, thanks to Tim, Bob, Josh from work, and Jon from Work!

Auntie Weesha and Cody on the way to Airport


theKastenbees said…
Thanks, Jessica! We are so excited that this place is really feeling like home already! We'll have you guys over when we're "done" with it :)
Anonymous said…
Beautiful flooring. Slow but sure! Sally

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