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(not) Naptime | trials of toddlerhood

Oct 24:
Well, today is day 6 or 7 of Cody not sleeping during his naptime. This has been challenging for me and for him. He is becoming more and more independent, but still can't grasp boundaries.

It's the whole idea that if he can't see me, I can't see him. Or hear him.
He sneaks off with things he knows he's not to have.
He runs away if I ask him to come here.
He throws things down when I tell him to pick them up.
He fake cries with fake injuries, just for (negative) attention.

We changed his crib into a toddler bed Sunday night because he kept climbing and leaping out of his crib... dangers & broken bones were just calling his name, my fears were lurking. So, now he doesn't even have a physical boundary to contain himself. And, like I said already, he doesn't understand that he has crossed a line.

Nov 1:
Cody cried and screamed twice last night and three times the night before. He was almost not even awake. When Tim or I went in there, and laid him down in his bed again, he was very soon back asleep. We think he has scary dreams? I hope whatever it is, he grows out of it. It is tough!!!

Now it is naptime and he went to bed peacefully after the calm routine of reading (3) books, turning his fan thing on, closing the curtains, and laying him in bed. I sang one song to him while I rubbed his back, and then I left.
He was quiet.
I hoped he was asleep.
Then, it all began again. This crazy, rowdy, over-tired, loud, disobedient toddler-ness of not napping. He started with sneaking out of his bed to get more of his animals and talked with them as he brought them back into bed with him. Fine, that's still peaceful enough. He grew louder and more out-of-sorts as the minutes went by, until there was eventually too much going on in there and he started crying for me, "Mooooommmy!!!  I'm awaaaaayyyaake!"
No. You're not supposed to say you're awake unless you've been asleep. Go. To. Sleep.

I took a few things away, and turned his light off, and placed him back in his bed. Soothed his screaming and thrashing with a little "Jesus Loves Me" and tucking him into his blankets.

He was quiet until I left and closed the door.

Now I've had to tell him multiple times to turn his light back off, put the toys away, and rest. I actually don't think he can stay awake if he is resting for long, but he does actually have to rest. It's okay with me if he is quiet, in bed, and resting. His only options are sleeping or reading. And the books seem to calm him down a little. Well, now he has cracked his door, and stopped screaming, and he is sitting in the big recliner with his sunglasses on the top of his head, his camping lantern on next to him, and is paging through books. He's quiet. but totally disobeying me... but he's resting. Aaaaah, what to do?

tips and offerings of condolences accepted at this time.

pps. Jesse is sleeping in my arms, soaking my sweatshirt with pee, because he just wet through the second set of clothes in 20 mins while he ate. :) and I am perfectly content to let it sit for the few moments I finish writing this post.

now cody is asking for yogurt. but he never ate more than two bites of his lunch. 

The boys last week.

cute as it gets. until they cry :)


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