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24 Weeks

I know this post is a week late, but it's here.

We had a busy and super fun time with the Swedin's in town last weekend for Easter... more on that later :)

On Thursday last week (24 weeks) I had my monthly appointment with Dr. Peters. It went great. I've gained appropriate weight for myself, and baby is healthy. Baby's heart rate is hanging in the 130s for now... Which Dr said is PERFECT! for where we're at in development! PRAISE GOD. I audio-recorded it but haven't figured out how to upload it here yet... Baby is just over a foot long, (head to toe now) weighing in around a pound. KB might gain about 6 ounces a week for a while... and hardly move that drastically in length. I guess it is time that little one fills out a bit :)

LOVE from a happy (and constantly tired) mama!

ps. Finley suggested names: for a girl "Pepotle" or "Chipotle" or Leela; for a boy: "Tinkerbell"


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