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"Babes on the Boat" & "Kastenhouse 2013: Kitchen in the works" (double feature)

We have been SO SO busy lately trying to catch up, not even keeping up yet, with this whole home-ownership business. I'm NOT complaining, just explaining. Tim has been working beyond crazy hours and physical exhaustion to get our yard, our kitchen, our doors, our dog, our trash, our driveway, our kitchen, our kitchen, and our kitchen into some order. He is doing a great job! We are thankful for the help of our friends around here who come over to lift crazy-heavy things, and for our families who come up to visit and we make them work harder than they do at their own homes. SO THANKFUL for you all, you hear me!? SO. THANKFUL.

Tonight, I am finishing up my catch up game so that I can just do what I'm in the middle of right now instead. Cody's chatting away in his bedroom, something about "hat" and "daddy" and "meeeeewmm" (airplane noises)... Tim is in the garage trying to finish sanding all the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. They're all built and puttied, now they're in the final stages before painting them! We are definitely feeling the crash and burn coming on us if we slow down. We hope to close on the construction loan before the middle of August, and the bank wants a few weeks for appraisals and what-not before that, so we're really only looking at a few weeks left to finish this place up. WOW.

Tim is stinking amazing. But also stinking wiped out. He is such a naturally motivated guy, but even he is wearing thinner with each night spent in the garage working a full-time job with "Kastenbauer Carpentry" after coming off of a full week with Mokahum/Center for Indian Ministries work and Ken Berge Construction work. I'm just dragging because I'm a pregnant mama who doesn't sleep as great. I don't really have complaints.

Last week was a big week for our family! Tim went to Maine and New Hampshire for a Milaca buddy's wedding. They have a few mutual friends from Tim's years at Crown College who were at the wedding also... that was fun for the guys. Believe it or not: Tim actually golfed. And he actually liked it! We'll be double or triple-dating soon with friends, for sure!!! I'm so proud :) Anyway, the guys all had a great time at Matt & Katy's wedding, and hanging out afterward. Praise the Lord Tim and Chris S are safe, after driving through a fallen Maple tree on their way to NH after the wedding. Talk about scary! THANK YOU GOD!!! The car (friend from NH's) is wrecked, but everyone is fine. He had lots and lots of reading and thinking time on his flights, and even had two flights with aisle seats and no one in the middle seat. That's a welcome bonus after nine million delays!

While Tim was out traversing the trees of the Northeast, I was here with Cody, welcoming Mom and Alicia (Zia, for Cody, is Italian for Aunt) to our home before heading down to Milaca for the Parade!! That was a treat! I loved all the bands, and Cody loved time with grandparents Swedin, and Uncle "Bubba" and the Valo family. He also loved learning about candy and all the musicians and trucks that drove buy throwing him more goodies. We had a late night driving up to momma's cabin together. It was so great having them here, and then to be at the cabin, just us girls (and Codeman) was great! You all know how much I love relaxing, so I LOVE cabin time! :) 

I've been singing Little Big Town's "On the Pontoon" since we pulled down the driveway at the cabin and I spotted the boats. Maggie loved swimming, and spending time with Zia. Cody loved walking around outside and checking out the boats "butts" and the water "bahter". We were blessed with pretty decent weather after a crazy amount of rain Thursday night (almost 7 inches just a couple miles north of the cabin, and trees down)! Alicia's girlies came over to the cabin too, which was really fun to have cousin and friend and just girl time again, and Uncle Byron and Aunt Mary came, in addition to "Grandpa Ken"!! WOOHOO! Cody loves his grandpas and old men in his life! The weekend would have been fun to be out east with Tim, but we had a great, fun-filled weekend in MN. Just also mosquito-filled :(


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