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Dangerous Meditations

What harm is there in achieving a higher state of consciousness through meditation?

I just read an article, shared by a friend in our AC (Adult Communities are  like Sunday School) at our church. Douglas Groothuis wrote in Christianity Today about the dangers of Yoga and Meditation a few years ago. Here is the link to the article "Dangerous Meditations"

"Yoga, deeply rooted in Hinduism, 
essentially means to be "yoked" 
with the divine.

...The goal is to find God within 
their own beings, 
since God (Brahman) and the self (Atman) 
are really one. "

This is an informative read for fellow believers to understand better these underlying meditative practices.I am still learning what I can about Yoga, specifically. But I thought this was worth sharing for those who might be interested. It is hard to know which Yogis are truly seeking to suspend their rational patterns of thought, and which think they are just stretching in a healthy way. Satan is deceptive, and we need to be aware... This seems serious to me as we live in a progressively more health-conscious society. Please, share with me your thoughts. I know a lot of people who "do yoga" and am interested in learning more!

"Suspending our critical 
capacities through meditation 
opens the soul to deception 
and even to spiritual bondage."


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