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It has been a while...

First off, I'm typing with like three available fingers these days, so please forgive any messes or lack of longer sentences (appropriate grammar and word usage). And, I'm going to try to make more frequent posts, so I'll just have to concede (is that the right word?) the fact that they'll be shorter posts. Maybe just little updates.

Secondly, I know I've become a Cody snob. All I ever do is post photos and videos of the kid. I'll try to be better about telling stories, too, so you can stay in the loop on everything, not just how STINKING CUTE OUR SON IS!

Thirdly, here are a couple things to catch you up.

Work has been going good, the girls LOVE Cody! Kim has to fight Fin and Sel when she gets home in the afternoons if she wants a baby-fix:) Like, they'll literally argue about who gets the next turn! hahahaha!When all three kids and myself are going places, I wish everywhere had a drive thru... the cleaners, the gas station, school, target, the grocery store, music class, dance (hah!)... it would all be so much easier if i didn't have to bring three toddlers with AND run the errands. But it is just cliche motherhood, I guess. Sometimes their shoes are on the right feet, mostly they're not. Every once in a while they arrive in the public eye without marker or stamps or stickers or tattoos or honey and peanut butter on their faces, arms, and legs. Although, I never let them go out naked.

I never plan meals anymore. yikes. I pretty much come home from work everyday starving, and wishing there was something to magically appear on the table or in the oven. There never has been yet, by the way. I crave things like delicious baked chicken, or Pioneer Woman's Chicken Fried Steak and Mashed Potatoes... then whip up something fast and unhealthy like fish sticks, mac-n-cheese, pizza, or if we're lucky and I've either purchased meat or thawed it from the freezer, tacos or grilled chix with rice :) WOW, adventurous, huh? Coupons haven't really been used much either, because I call Tim randomly and have him pick some sporatic items up, or I forget the coupons in the car. nice.


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