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July at Mokahum

We have been here since the last week in June, just over a month now.
Whew. It feels good to say it, we're HOME! HOME HOME HOME!

We feel settled, unpacked, "organized," and fully serviced with internet :)
I've been extremely inpatient and feeling so disconnected from everyone and everything without having internet at our house. We were able to use it when we went places with wireless, but it just isn't the same. Thankfully, we now have it at home!

So, now I have no excuse not to keep you all updated with our goings-on around Bemidji, Cass Lake, and out here at our little Ose Lake house!

I'll share more pictures and info about what's been going on at Mokahum on another day, another post, but I just want you to know how GREAT God is. He has provided for Mokahum several short term missions teams from all over the US to do service projects around the campus, getting it ready for the school year to start!! The first day of school is Sept 4th I think, so we have about a month before students come. There is room to have ten or eleven students live on campus, and there is potential for like 4 married students to attend for either their 1-year or 3-year certificates. There is a Men's dorm (house) and a Women's Dorm (house) on either end of Mokahum's campus (yard).

The other two main buildings on Campus are the Main Admin Building, and the house where the Director of  Student Life and his family live (Corey & Ellie, and two-year-old Noah).  Admin Bldg has the big kitchen and Pool Table, Dining area, tv and game lounge, etc. This is like the Student Union or whatever, downstairs. Upstairs, there are a couple classrooms, bathroom, library/computer, offices...
Olivia and Emma Straubel with Cody

Korean Team feeding all the CIM Staff for their last day BBQ!

Girls on the team, in High School

A Youth and Two Team Leaders

Cody was a big hit!

Gorgeous drive home from Milaca

Missouri Team Member and Zane downstairs in Admin Bldg

MO leader in Kitchen

ready for action

Back/Downstairs of Admin Bldg

LOTS of burning this week again.

Tools and Supplies

Tim guy while grabbing something he needed for putting in a header in the attic... bats and insulation caused the hoodie, pants, and masks!

ladder up to attic from top of main floor stairs in Admin Bldg

Cody, checking how the new sink will taste

Cody was watching the MO team hard at work

We are SUPER encouraged by the basketball ministry and outreach that happens weekly on Mokahum's BBall court, led by a young guy named Chad, who attends Cass Lake Alliance (where we went last week, and had a potluck)

Guys from MO

Tim and Zane

Zane Williams

We've been swamped with people... WHAT A BLESSING. Tim has been taking over more and more by the day, of his responsibilities as director of facilities at Mokahum. Since we've been here, there have been three teams, and now another is here, and there is I think one more coming. Then School will begin and we don't have anyone lined up to come.

The teams have been from Chicago, Fargo, Rural Iowa, and currently here from Jefferson City, Missouri.  They're coming all sets of skills or not. Tools and not. Plans and not. It has been a challenge figuring some of the logistics out, I think because we were here right in the middle of so much of it, without knowing much about Tim's role and the teams beforehand, from CO. But, now we're really into the swing of things, and Tim has been a ROCK Star working with our Director Zane, and co-workers, Corey, John, and Paul.

We're at nearly 48% of our monthly support goal!! Praise the Lord!

We were able to speak at Milaca Ev. Free Church this weekend; a blurb during the Services, and we split the Sunday School hour in two rooms: One class in the Sanctuary, and Two classes (one adult, and the youth group) in the gym. It is always a blessing and encouragement  to be surrounded by so many loved ones. It was especially encouraging to share with the Church about our hearts for Natives and the work we hope to do, knowing that we are already in progress! It is great to be able to say we're almost to half of our support goal, and that there is SO much MORE we hope to do and invest our time and relationships into when we're fully supported!

Thank You to all our support team for your continued love, generosity, and prayers!!!


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