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A Week Without the Boys

"So," one might ask,"what exactly do two women do for a week while their husbands are off in a Mountainous land bugling for Elk?"

Suzy and I asked ourselves that question once or twice, but quickly filled our immediate time with cooking too many casserole dishes to freeze and send with the later crowd  (Tim). Then, we indulged ourselves with looking up creative blogs and sites like Ree Drummond's The Pioneer Woman. CHECK IT OUT. Thanks to Trixeta, I familiarized myself with the Pioneer Woman in a previous summer. So, when Suzy came home from an Adventure at Mardel and told me about this wonderful cookbook called The Pioneer Woman Cooks, and described it, I knew JUST what it was that she was talking about. 
We strolled through a beautiful garden before heading over to 32nd and Lowell's Common Grounds coffee shop to join Jess with tea, italian sodas and scrumptious Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

Many of the other things we did included kids of either of my two babysitting families: B's and D's. Whom I of course LOVE to pieces. Things like: going to Tiny Town the week after the bitsy train had crashed and caused all this real-people drama and hospitalizations in the mini-people world. But, even thought we couldn't ride the train through the world's smallest town, we savored the faces they made and the questions the kids were asking (over, and over, and over).

Lyd, Andrew, Matt

Suzy and I were as intrigued (or more) as the kids, I think :)
So, after a sun-fun-filled day in a "Unique one-sixth-sized town with over 100 colorful buildings," we continued our adventures with playing in the sprinkler, and testing out the new scooters. Andrew says "skewters" which is SO cute!

Sometimes we have to just be plain old goofy!

Lydia Grace. 

Okay, Okay. But the fun doesn't stop there. I took the kids to the ZOO too!

NOW, it is time for a day without the B's and with my cute little D's. Even though I spend every day with them, I haven't treasured a pair of sisters more than I do these two. 
Doesn't this bring back such beautiful childhood memories? Alicia and I probably looked much the same at one point, save the laundry "room."

Fin's 2 now!

The nastiest thing a little kid's ever shown me. "My Amy, Lookee!"  it was dead. Whatever "it" was.



Anonymous said…
Hi Amy! I was checking out your blog for a picture of your sweet family for a school project and stumbled on this post. I just had to smile looking at your comments...I couldn't see the pictures (maybe too old of a post?). Fun to relive that memory of that weekend and how sweet you & Suzy were with the kids!
Hugs to you!
Kim Bowden

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